I came across the most boring radio commercial ever, but it definitely got my attention. It was on a product called Zyppah. Zyppah is this device that goes in your mouth that apparently helps you stop or at least reduce snoring. You see, my Dad has been snoring loudly for years. None of us- not me, mom, or my sisters, ever want to share a room with him when we go on family vacations and my poor mother has decided to forgo sleeping in the same bed as Dad. Instead, she sleeps in the guest room. I’d love for my Dad to get a better handle on his sleep and for us to be able to vacation together and not fight for who gets the pleasure of sleeping with him!!

Check out this vid:

My Zyppah conquest took me to a variety of sites, including this snoring mouthguard review site. What I discovered is this: All evidence supports the legitimacy of this product. All reviewers said Zyppah significantly reduced their snoring.
photo of the zyppah mouthpiece

I will have an update for you all once we receive the snoring aid in the mail. I will post an update 1 week after Dad uses it. He says he is game, so we shall see!




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